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Motorcycle services and repairs

Old or brand new, motorcycles often incur damages which seem too difficult to handle. If the damage is too bad and you are thinking of discarding the vehicle as scrap then think again because Kingpin can make your road roller as good as new. With execution of highest quality expertise, knowledge and high-end technologies, we take repairs to an all new level of brilliance. Philip G Harwood, our founder keeps an eye on the oil used. Basically our company objectives let us prioritize the use of best quality materials so, we use only HD oils that are also “all model approved”. From an old worn out Harley, a Jap cruiser or a chopper, Kingpin is the transformer to give new life to your once treasured bike. What is even more enticing about our services is that we can pick up the vehicle for you and drop it right from where we take it, only after completion of our work.

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Custom fabrication

Do you have a design in mind? Come to us and we will let your thoughts give rise to something you have only imagined of. Yes, we offer custom fabrication of bikes and our founder is credited for handmade works that have raised quite an attention. At Kingpin Choppers we go ahead with extraordinary motorbike and scooter fabrications. From handle bars, guard kits to sissy bars, we install everything on an existing model and make it new. We build bikes from scratch as we like to see our creations turn monsters on road. Now you can customize your chopper and get set for the edgy roads that lay before you.

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Motorcycle and scooter sales

Now, this is a piece of news you will love to know, Kingpin Choppers s currently the leader selling hunter motorcycles. We have been letting our customers enjoy great bikes for over a span of eight years. Harley Davidson motorcycles, Choppers and Benzhou Scooters, you get them all from us. For those who like to go lighter on roads can choose our pedal assisted electric scooters.
Think like a King, Think Kingpin.

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